About us

The Biltong Warehouse was established in 2000 our factory  have been producing the finest quality biltong for 23 years. We are a family run manufacturer based in the Western Cape. Biltong Warehouse combine best quality service and value for money in one. We pride ourselves in making superior biltong using best cuts for biltong and air drying it in the traditional way. We have the capacity to produce products of any order size. We also pre pack large range of nuts and snacks.

Retail branches are located Knysna road and York street .The Biltong Warehouse and nuts shop link. http://biltongwarehouseandnuts.co.za/

We manufacture biltong dried wors sticks ect we also have a range of gas packet  pre-packs. Franchise opportunities are available   email salesbiltong@gmail.com for inquiries.